Innovative cross-border meetings

The flow of new ideas that can develop into new products in startup or established companies is the life force of the life science sector. But innovations and solutions to needs in life science and healthcare rarely emerge in isolation. The aim of BIO Ångström is to be the life science arena where researchers from different disciplines raise challenges, present solutions, and where academia and industry meet to discuss needs and ideas.


BIO Ångström At BIO Ångström medical and biological needs in research and industry meet the latest technological solutions. Through presentations and exhibitions we strive to stimulate new collaboration across disciplinary and organizational boundaries.

BIO Ångström was initiated with the collaboration between Uppsala University professors Maria Strømme and Ulf Landegren. The first meeting was held in 2005 and prompted a tremendous
response. A number of new contacts and collaborations were created among research teams at Uppsala. The industry was quick to join in and has participated since 2006 as attendees and presenters.

The 5th BIO Ångström Conference took place November 18th 2010, and explored challenges and possiblities in developing new efficient in vitro diagnostics.



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